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Promotion and Business Development division

Promotion and Business Development division was established as part of the Private Schools & Quality Assurance Sector (PSQA) that operates through two sections: Marketing & Promotion Section and Facilitation & Support Section.

The team of the Division is considered the focal point for all interested investors who are planning to invest in private schools in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Therefore interested investors should meet with the Promotion & Business Development Division team who will brief them on the requirements of licensing and establishing a new school, market status based on the supply, demand and licensing procedures.

The Division mandate is aligned with ADEC’s strategic plans and initiatives which support Abu Dhabi’s Vision 2030 in developing a knowledge based economy through attracting qualified local and international investors/operators to operate schools with high quality standards in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The main goal for the Division is to satisfy the continues growing demand for private schools through facilitating the process of establishing high quality schools that will improve the academic outcomes. The Division’s main responsibilities include:

UAEPromoting Abu Dhabi’s private schools market locally and internationally and attracting qualified investors, operators and education providers through raising awareness on the Emirate’s business needs and socioeconomic, regulatory and operating environment and the potential market opportunities in this sector.
Com Strengthening the communication channels with local, regional, and international investors, operators and education providers through participating or attending workshops and investment forums and conferences.
investorProviding the required support to investors and operators through allocating lands and vacant ex-governmental buildings to build or operate private schools in the Emirate.
AttractiveEstablishing an attractive supportive environment for investors and operators through facilitating with other governmental entities and help to overcome difficulties that may occur during the construction phase of the schools.
SupportSupporting existing low quality and low resourcing schools in the Emirate to improve and sustain the private school market.​