Public Schools

Public Schools

The Government of Abu Dhabi is strongly committed to supporting and funding public education in the Emirate.

The aim is to deliver education that, in its quality and contribution to our society and economy, is comparable to the very best international standards. We will do this primarily through our New School Model.

Abu Dhabi has over 250 public schools


Altogether, Abu Dhabi has 250 public schools and 28 Adult Education Centre in school year 2016/2017. 

These range from kindergartens to adult education centres; and from small, dynamic facilities to large, highly successful institutions.


We are extremely proud of the high standards that these schools, and their staff, provide to our nation�s children. The pages in this section describe each tier of our public education sector in detail, including the admission and registration criteria and processes for each.

If you have any further questions regarding Public Sector education in Abu Dhabi, please get in touch.