Registration and Admissions

Registration and Admissions

Public Kindergarten Students’ Enrolment Requirements

Registration Dates:

  • As stated in the registration announcement.

Admission Categories:

  • Emirati Students holding a family book.
  • Children of Emirati mothers who hold a family book.

Admission Age:

  • As per the student’s age at 31st December of the admission year: 
    Minimum age for admission
    4 years
    5 years

Documents required for registration:

  1. Copy of student’s and parent’s valid passports.
  2. Copy of student’s UAE ID.
  3. Copy of student’s birth certificate. A birth estimation certificate issued by UAE accredited medical committees is also acceptable, provided the data it shows matches that in the family book or passport.
  4. Student’s recent 4x6 photo.
  5. Copy of the family book featuring Emirati student details.
  6. Copy of the Emirati mother’s family book for children of Emirati mothers.

Procedure for registration

  1. Parent should bring originals of all requested registration documents in order to verify their authenticity.
  2. Parent should fill the registration form accurately and carefully, then the school should verify the details, addresses and contact numbers.
  3. Entering student shall sit for an interview conducted by a technical committee, in order to assess the child’s linguistic development and sensory performance and to complete a student’s health form.